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Sandra = Leader

Actualizado: 2 nov 2021

Our February "Clean Freak" award went to Sandra Ayón and was more than deserved!

Sandra understands what it means to be a leader rather than being a boss. Sandra knows how to lead by example and care about the employees she supervises in her building. Sandra's area supervisor said "Sandra is a great person, employee and supervisor. She is always kind and her team loves her because of the way she treats them." In today's world it is more important than ever to treat employees with respect and it is so refreshing to see a supervisor like Sandra understand that and put it into action.

Not only does Sandra care tremendously about the employees in her building but she cares about the building itself by making sure that everything runs smoothly and is done right. Juana, Sandra's supervisor, said that after talking with the building manager they had nothing but praises for Sandra and her team because everything is always in pristine condition. She said "our client is very happy with her. They say that she is amazing and she never complains when there is something to do."

Building supervisors like Sandra are wonderful to have as part of our team here at Simply Right and we hope that she knows how much we appreciate her! Without supervisors like Sandra this company would be nowhere so we truly want to say THANK YOU!

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