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Cleaning Power!

Actualizado: 2 nov 2021

These ladies right here deserve all the awards and appreciation possible to give them for all the hard work they put in!

We got word that the Store manager at this RC Willey location gave some well deserved credit to our cleaning crew during an employee meeting where they were recognized in front of everyone. We love hearing that the clients we clean for are also aware of how great a job our crews do for them and we also love it because we get to give more recognition to these great crews like this one!

This crew's fearless leader Maritza (pictured on the far right) has been working hard while also being pregnant to assist them as much as she can and has done a great job! Maria Guadalupe, the building supervisor (pictured second from the right), has done an amazing job leading this group into having a smooth operation going on in this building. We love having supervisors like her that understand what it takes to be a great leader while also being kind and friendly with the whole crew.

As I was there visiting I could tell that this team has a tight knit dynamic between them and they enjoy working together. It helps a lot when you like the people that you work with and especially when you like your supervisors. This crew consists of Maria (Lupe), Alma, Berenice, Veronica, Jessica, and Marisela.

We know that we will be recognizing this crew again because they are amazing! We hope that they know how much we appreciate them and that the small gifts we had to offer them showed some of our appreciation!

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