window cleaning crew

Window Cleaning Services

Regular window cleaning is an area of maintenance that is vital but commonly overlooked by commercial buildings. If you need someone to make your windows sparklingly clean, count on Simply Right to provide quality window cleaning service at a reasonable rate. We clean commercial windows on a yearly, quarterly, monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, and daily basis.


Cleaning Your Windows Professionally

Once our window cleaners arrive at your place of business on schedule, they will perform the following:

·Clean the specified windows, including exterior and interior window frames

·Keep the public safe by using signage to alert the public of any hazards and moving window cleaning and equipment out of harm’s way

·Use environmentally safe cleaning products to make the windows sparkle. Rest assured that we clean windows, from the tallest skyscraper to the smallest commercial building.

·Clear the area of any hazards, such as water on the floor, after completing the cleaning job.


How Window Cleaning Helps Your Business

Aesthetics is not the only advantage of a properly cleaned window. Regular window cleaning also offers these benefits:

·Promotes Good Health – A clean office is a healthy office. By keeping the windows clean, you get rid of debris that often build up on the glass panes, which helps prevent complications of asthma and allergies.

·Enhances Productivity – It can be hard to work when it is dirty in the office. Having a professional clean your windows creates a clean environment and encourages your employees to do more work.

·Fosters Safety – Cleaning can turn into a liability if employees do not have the proper knowledge of cleaning windows properly. Thus, it is best to hand this task over to professionals as we can clean windows in a safe and efficient manner.


We make your windows and other fixtures sparkle. Call us today for a quote.