Our Professional Cleaning Services



Carpet Cleaning is not just a service, but a process held to an industry standard. Simply Right employs over a dozen experienced and IICRC certified carpet crews
across the United States. 

All carpet crews follow up with the business owner or manager to verify the job was completed to the highest standards. Good communication and quality of service ensures customer satisfaction.

Simply Right's deep carpet cleaning system uses self-neutralizing chemicals that flush dirt and pollutants from the fibers, leaving your carpets clean and fresh. The carpet cleaning chemicals and shampoos used are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, biodegradable, and fast drying. Simply Right offers only the best cleaning methods and uses the safest and most effective products available. As part of the service, a fresh citrus fragrance is put into the steam cleaning machine to leave behind a clean smell in the establishment.


Not only does Simply Right clean interiors of businesses, we have now branched out to construction site clean-up. Once a business or house is finished or near completion, Simply Right will go through and perform a thorough removal of all debris outside and inside the building. Because the hazmat industry deals with sensitive equipment and materials, Simply Right utilizes LEED-certified products and practice. The security of a construction area will always be on the top of Simply Right's list of priorities. Employees are trained to know how to interact with any hazardous or sensitive materials that might be at a construction site. Simply Right is always open to additional training involving any specialized protocols or procedures for your facility. From workstations to public areas, Simply Right will provide you with a clean, sanitary, and professional work environment.


Keeping your business environment clean will not only impress your customers, but it will also improve the enthusiasm of your employees to work. With our expert cleaning services, you will have a stress-free way to maintain a professional business or living atmosphere every day. At Simply Right, we get every cleaning job right the first time. This is why we are one of the top cleaning companies in the United States.


An on-site day porter ensures a property is kept clean and functioning. Simply Right offers companies this discreet cleaning service at prices that work with any budget. Day Porter services can be provided for any type of facility from commercial to hospital. A personal approach and commitment to scalability means the customer gets only the services they want. Simply Right's courteous, professional staff can keep facilities sparkling and customers satisfied.


Green Cleaning is one of the core services we provide at Simply Right. This is the process of protecting lives without endangering the environment. We make use of environmentally friendly chemicals and equipment that conform to the standards of green practices.


To maintain the shine on floors and resist the impact of wear and tear, you have to clean and wax your floors properly. As experts, we specialize in regular floor cleaning and preventive maintenance that will not only increase the longevity of your floors but will keep them shining and glowing too, hence saving you a lot of cash for repairs in
the long run.


At Simply Right we offer detailed steam cleaning and pressure washing services using state-of-the-art equipment.  Our services are essential for a wide variety of industrial and commercial buildings such as movie theaters, banks, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, or any other business facility that desire to look clean, healthy, and welcoming.


You can rely on Simply Right to keep your windows sparkling. We have a window cleaning team you can count on. They are experienced and can provide you with quality window cleaning services at a budget-friendly rate.