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For schools, keeping the facility clean at all times is one of the most challenging parts of the day. Even with a dedicated janitorial team on staff, there will always be new messes and hazards that need to be addressed.


Simply Right’s professional school cleaning services are here to help take the strain off of your janitorial team so you can keep your facility as clean as possible every day.


Keep Students Healthy

Schools are practically breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. The more you can clean and sanitize frequently touched surfaces, the easier it will be to keep your students healthy. But that’s not always enough to preserve the health of your student population, faculty, and staff.

Simply Right’s experts in commercial cleaning in education will go beyond the basic surface-level cleaning to keep your school as safe as possible at all times. Our team understands that keeping students healthy is a priority and will work to help you do just that every time you schedule an appointment.


When your students and teachers are healthier, you’ll see better attendance records, fewer concentration issues, and enjoy a more comfortable learning environment.


Enhance the Efforts of Your Janitorial Team

Your school’s janitorial team is able to take care of the day-to-day cleaning tasks well. But that doesn’t mean they have the time, energy, or resources to give your school a good deep cleaning on a regular basis.


By using professional school cleaning services from Simply Right, your janitorial team’s efforts will be much more effective. They’ll be able to maintain the deep clean between professional cleaning sessions with ease.

What We Do


At Simply Right, located in Utah and Salt Lake Counties, we pride ourselves on being leaders in commercial cleaning for education centers. We use only the highest quality cleaners and products to eradicate germs, eliminate dust, and leave your facility looking great.


We understand the challenges schools and educators face. These are just a few essential cleaning services that our team is proud to provide:


  • Chalk and whiteboard cleaning

  • Cleaning, waxing, and polishing floors

  • Reviving old carpet

  • Window cleaning

  • Maintaining restroom supplies

  • Dusting

  • Restroom cleaning and sanitization


Before we start, we’ll assess your facility’s needs and work with you to develop a comprehensive cleaning plan. Our school cleaning services will leave your building and each room looking and feeling better immediately.


We Serve All Types of Educational Institutions


Simply Right’s school cleaning services can help no matter what type of school or facility you run. Our team has worked with small daycare facilities as well as large college campuses. Whether you run a modest private school or operate a K-12 school, our team is here to help.


Don’t stress about finding great school cleaning services. Request a quote today and let Simply Right help you keep your school looking great.

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