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You want your retail space to be welcoming and relaxing, sparkling and fresh. The average human’s attention span is about eight seconds, so as a retail store owner or manager, you need to make the most of that first impression when a customer walks through the door.


And in the age of COVID, cleanliness is key to how a customer views your space—which leads to the need for professional retail cleaning services.


What to Look for in Retail Cleaning Services

People love and need the therapeutic joy of browsing and shopping in your store—even more so now that things are reopening and people can get out of the house. Simply Right wants to help you concentrate on your stellar sales and service by taking cleaning off your plate.


A few key attributes of a good cleaning service are:


  • Experience: Simply Right has been cleaning and caring for over 35 years.

  • Competency: In addition to our superb cleaning practices, we keep up with the most recent technology, tools, and procedures.

  • Trust: We are about more than just keeping things clean. We thrive on nurturing relationships and transforming clients into friends.

What Quality Retail Cleaning Services Will Include

Simply Right retail janitorial services have all of the attributes and practices you need in quality retail store cleaning services, which include but are not limited to:


  • A daily dusting/cleaning regimen

  • A detailed dusting/cleaning process, including cleaning trash cans, planters, and seating (benches, chairs, couches)

  • Proven deep cleaning and stain removal procedures

  • Dealing with trouble areas like moisture issues and mildew

  • Green cleaning services

  • Specialized floor care for hard surfaces that goes beyond sweeping and mopping


Now more than ever there must be a diligent focus to reduce cross-contamination from touched surfaces like:


  • Door handles

  • Tables

  • Shelves

  • Countertops

  • Checkout surfaces

Proven Results of Retail Store Cleaning Services

Cleanliness and safety are our initial goals, but when you use Simply Right, you will also enjoy such benefits as:


  • Increased employee productivity

  • Less sick time due to a healthy work environment

  • Improved morale that comes from being in clean conditions


Detailed cleaning services can also help detect concerns like water leaks, so regular professional cleaning helps prevent long-term issues and the resulting costly damages.


It’s Simply Right to Make a Great First (and Lasting) Impression

It only takes a few minutes to take steps toward becoming the warm and inviting retailer everyone wants to visit and spend time with. You can very easily request a quote, and we will get back to you to start working on the ideal cleaning strategy for your business. Located in Utah and Salt Lake Counties, Simply Right is here to help you with all of your cleaning needs.

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