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As a restaurant owner, you know there’s far more to running your business than just delighting your customers’ taste buds. You need to make sure they’re safe and comfortable at all times. That means staying on top of routine restaurant cleaning day in and day out.

For your busy kitchen, managing those tasks on their own just isn’t possible. It cuts into their ability to prepare the meals your guests love. Luckily, you don’t have to go it alone. Simply Right’s restaurant cleaning team is here to help.


A Clean Restaurant Makes All the Difference

Cleanliness doesn’t just make your kitchen operate more smoothly. It also makes your restaurant more inviting for your customers every time they dine in. If customers see lots of dust, crumbs, and grime throughout the dining area, they won’t just leave—they’ll post about it on social media. And that can wreak havoc on your ability to attract new customers.
By hiring an experienced restaurant cleaning team, you’ll make a great first impression every time. Our dedicated experts will deep clean those hard-to-reach surfaces and make sure your restaurant is as clean as it was when you first opened your doors.


You’ll Be Ready for Surprise Inspections Each Day


If you’ve ever had a health department inspection, you know that they always happen when you least expect it. If they find fault with your crew’s cleanliness, you’ll have to prepare for a re-check and potentially cover any fines.


That’s money and time that you’ll lose out on being able to focus on the customer experience. With help from professional restaurant cleaning services, you won’t have to worry about those surprise inspections. Your restaurant will satisfy, if not surpass, local health codes when the inspector shows up.

Why Trust Simply Right’s Restaurant Cleaning Services?

At Simply Right, our Utah-based team understands the unique challenges restaurants face with routine cleaning and sanitizing. There’s so much activity that happens in the kitchen, dining room, and storage areas that staying on top of things to satisfy local health codes can seem impossible.


We take the time to thoroughly assess your restaurant’s needs and create a cleaning plan that will help you keep your space spic and span at all times. Our team is familiar with modern health codes and uses only the best cleaning solutions and materials to make your kitchen food-safe and ready each day.


No restaurant is too big or too small. We’ve helped everyone from large chains that can seat hundreds of customers at once to small mom-and-pop diners that have space for just a few tables. Each one gets the same quality cleaning and attention to detail every time.

Hire the Best Commercial Restaurant Cleaning Services


If you’re looking to hire the best restaurant cleaning team, look no further than Simply Right - located in Salt Lake and Utah Counties. Request a free quote and see how much cleaner your restaurant can be. 

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