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Professional Window Cleaning and Washing


If you’ve ever tried to clean windows on your own, you know that it takes training and experience to keep your glass streak-free. Those streaks can make your building look dirty even when you clean everything inside several times each day. By leaving the cleaning to experienced commercial window cleaning services, you’ll never have to worry about streaks marring your panes again.


How We Help

We pride ourselves on using the highest quality cleaning materials and solutions to keep your building clean at all times. Our professional window cleaning team works on all types of commercial buildings throughout Utah. Our services include the following:

  • Mullion and frame cleaning

  • Interior window cleaning

  • Cubicle cleaning


No building is too big for us to handle. Our team has the tools they need to keep your windows looking great, whether your building is a single story or Salt Lake City’s 26-floor Wells Fargo Center. 

Keeping Your Windows and Your Building Clean Matters

Your building’s windows can make your space look and feel better no matter what the weather is like. However, keeping them clean on your own isn’t easy. At Simply Right, located in Utah and Salt Lake Counties, our professional window cleaning crews have the training and experience to keep those large panes of glass clean without damaging the protective coatings or tinting in place. You’ll see and feel the difference in your building as soon as we start working on your windows.


Don’t settle for a subpar window cleaning service. Get your free quote and see firsthand just how easy keeping your windows clean can be with help from our dedicated team. Need more than just window cleaning? Check out all the cleaning services we offer.


Yes! Simply Right does windows. When windows are cleaned right, your building will shine.


  • Ground Exterior Windows

  • Ground Interior Windows

  • Mullion and Frame Cleaning

  • Cubicle and Partition Cleaning

  • Superior Service

  • Competitive Rates

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