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What Is Included in Post Construction Cleaning Services?

Actualizado: 2 nov 2021

A construction job isn’t quite finished once the building or remodeling project is done. A lot of clean-up still needs to take place. The process of finishing a project and moving equipment, gear, and a construction team out of a site often leaves a very noticeable trace.

Rather than directing your team to tackle post-construction clean-up, call in a professional post-construction cleaning service like Simply Right. From scuff marks on walls and doors to dust covering newly installed hardwood floors or parking lots, our crew will make sure your building is primed and ready for your clients.

What Does Post Construction Cleaning Include?

When you hire a professional for your post-construction cleaning, you should expect both the interior and exterior of your site to be deep-cleaned in a multitude of ways. First, all entrances and exits will be assessed and cleaned. Minor tasks such as dusting the lights and fixtures, cleaning doorknobs and windows, and sweeping walkways will be tackled. Along with these small tasks, the following are also included in post-construction cleaning services:

  • Label removal

  • Pressure washing of exterior surfaces

  • Window cleaning

  • Floor cleaning

  • Sealing and waxing of hardwood, tile, and laminate surfaces

  • Debris collection and removal

Our goal of ensuring your clients are impressed and satisfied with your team’s work and the time you’ve put into the new-build or remodel starts with putting your space into its most pristine state.

How Do You Calculate Post Construction Cleaning?

The cost of post-construction cleaning services depends on the size of the space and the level of cleaning required. The average cost of residential post-construction cleaning is $550, but this can vary depending on scale and size. For instance, a one-bedroom home with minimal debris and minor scuff marks on a few walls will cost less than a residential building with numerous floors and unit numbers. New-build post-construction clean-ups cost $2,300 on average.

Don’t bog your team down with cleaning work when they could be starting construction on a new site. Let a professional handle all of your post-construction cleaning needs so you can set your sights on the next project, not the clean-up of your last.

How Do You Bid on Post Construction Cleaning?

First, we do a walk-through to assess the building and see how much cleanup there is to do. If there is less construction debris or dust, the cleaning won’t take as long, and disposal costs won’t be as high. We also factor in the size of the building and the cost of supplies for power washing the exterior, cleaning windows, and cleaning, sealing, and waxing floors.

Is Post-Construction Cleaning Hard?

Post-construction clean-up isn’t necessarily hard to do physically, but it is a very exacting process. The average eye might miss areas of carpets and floors where dust and debris tend to settle after any form of construction, which could cause issues later down the road. There is a lot of space to cover and specialized cleaning tools to use for these specific tasks. Save time and money in the long haul, and hire a professional like Simply Right to handle all of your post-construction cleaning needs. Contact us for an estimate today.

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