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What Is Green Cleaning & How Does It Benefit Your Business?

Actualizado: 2 nov 2021

The term “going green” is extremely popular right now, but what is green cleaning? Is it effective? Simply put, green cleaning is cleaning using safer products for people and better for the planet.

Green cleaning (also known as eco-friendly cleaning) includes using biodegradable products, methods that produce less waste and non-recyclable trash, and cleaners made of environmentally-friendly formulas.

Simply Right offers green cleaning services for businesses. Commercial eco-friendly cleaning services are meant to keep you and your employees healthy and safe while protecting the environment.

Green Cleaning for Businesses

Of course, keeping your workplace clean is a priority. Employees work better in a safe, clean environment. Customers are more likely to come back to your office when they don’t worry that their health is at risk.

Unfortunately, many janitorial teams’ cleaning products are not actually good for you or the environment. Green cleaning is an ideal way to keep your business clean and free of any harmful chemical fumes or toxic ingredients.

And not to worry, our cleaners may be more natural, but they are still effective at killing bacteria and viruses. Plus, you can feel good about hiring Simply Right’s green cleaning services because we do everything to minimize our carbon footprint and lessen our impact on the environment.

Benefits of Green Cleaning for Your Business

There are so many benefits to switching to green cleaning services. In addition to the peace of mind you’ll have knowing you’re taking care of the planet, here are just a few more reasons to make the change:

  • Our formulas are free of dangerous toxins.

  • Eco-friendly products smell better (and without that strong chemical odor) than regular cleaning products.

  • Chemical-based cleaners can make employees and customers with respiratory conditions and asthma experience an increase in symptoms. Green cleaning products will keep everyone who comes into the building safe.

  • We tell you exactly what products we’re using and the ingredients they contain.

Why Use Green Cleaning Products?

Now, more than ever, keeping one another healthy and safe is a priority. Your business is responsible for providing a clean environment where employees and customers can visit without worrying about getting sick.

Eco-friendly products are effective at killing bacteria and viruses but don’t contain harsh chemicals so that they can be used on many different surfaces and objects. Green cleaning products are important because they don’t just take care of present problems; they help ensure a brighter future.

What Is the Importance of Green Cleaning?

The earth gives us so much to be grateful for. It is our home, after all. Green cleaning allows us to do our part in protecting this beautiful planet we live on.

Traditional, chemical-based cleaning products create huge problems for the environment. Many chemical-based cleaners leave behind chemical residue, which gets into our water supply. It can make animals and plants in the ecosystem sick; it can make humans sick too.

Many cleaners contain synthetic fragrances to make them smell better. Unfortunately, there is little regulation on the use of fragrances, and many contain toxic chemicals.

In a study of 140 beauty, personal care, and household (including cleaning) products, it was found that three-quarters of the toxic chemicals detected were in the fragrances. These toxins were linked to a number of health problems, including:

  • Breast cancer

  • Hormone disruption

  • Respiratory effects

You want to protect your clients and your employees. Hiring green cleaning services is a small and simple way to have a huge impact on the lives of the people around you, not to mention the planet.

Choose Simply Right

Green cleaning is all about protecting what’s important:

  • Our clients

  • Our employees

  • Our own health

  • The planet

Hiring green cleaning services for your business helps you to do your part at being environmentally conscious and having peace of mind.

When you’re ready to make the switch, see how Simply Right can help you.

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