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Vanessa The Wonderful!

Actualizado: 2 nov 2021

What more can we say about Vanessa Ruiz other than the fact that she is truly amazing? We are more than happy that Vanessa is with us here at Simply Right because without her I think we would be lost! Eddie, Vanessa's supervisor, said that "her role is to be helping with more of the clerical side of my area. However being short handed she has stepped up to help with the manual labor."

Vanessa started out with Simply Right as our receptionist but when the COVID pandemic hit, that position was dissolved and wasn't a position anymore. Luckily Vanessa was willing to move to Eddie's team and help him out with whatever he needed help with which was definitely a lot different that what she was doing as our amazing receptionist.

Eddie also had the following to say about this wonderful gal. "It was a bit of challenge at first because she was used to a desk job. However she learned janitorial, COVID cleans, deep cleans, strip/ waxing, using a buffer, and carpet cleaning machine’s. Even after several broken nails and falls she stayed with it. I'll be honest I didn’t think she would last as long as she has. I’m really thankful to have her in my area and she would truly be missed if she moved on to greener pastures."

Vanessa, we hope you know how much we appreciate you and look forward to helping you grow within the company even further as you continue learning the ropes! Congrats on winning the "Clean Freak" award and hope to recognize you again soon for your hard work!

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