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The Many Ways to Use a Power Wash

Actualizado: 2 nov 2021

Looking to blow off some steam?

Nothing more fun then hooking up a water-hose to 3,100 PSI and blow away all the dirt and grim from the driveway.

Cleaning with power washer is great tool. Not only is it exciting to nuke the windows, cement, fences and cars, it makes them cleaner. Power washing is big business, about 10 billion dollar business. What makes Power Washing so great? Well, first off its fun and second cleaning with water allows for a lot of practical purposes.

Washing the Backyard:

Grills - Wash away the grease and loot from your backyard BBQ grill.

Lawn Furniture - Washing moldy plastic, vinyl, and wood patio furniture.



Tile Patios

Garage Cleaning:


Lawn Mowers



Bird Baths


Dog Houses



Go Karts

Garage Floors

Cleaning on the Driveways:

Cars and Trucks


Concrete driveways and walkways

Home Exteriors - bricks, vinyl, wood and windows

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