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Lonnie. The Man. The Myth. The Legend.

Actualizado: 2 nov 2021

Lonnie is the definition of being the best and working hard. Here is what a supervisor had to say about him.

“This is Lonnie Brown and he has been working for us for two years now. He Works at RC Willey Summerlin in Las Vegas. He is not just a great person but a great worker. I just have heard compliments about him and his job."

"He loves Simply Right and as you can see he has made a mask with an old T-shirt he had.

Lonnie is deaf and mute but nothing stops him. He is always smiling and ready to do whatever his supervisor asks him to do. He is grateful for the opportunity Simply Right gave him to work and for the patience his supervisor and partners have with him."

"When I met Lonnie, and heard his story and saw him working tears came out of my eyes. He is for sure an example and I thanked him for his efforts and great job. We love Lonnie for sure!!"

"Also, I started to learn some sign language, so next time I meet him we can have a brief conversation ☺️”

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