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"Eddie's Crew"

Actualizado: 2 nov 2021

We refer to this crew here at Simply Right as "Eddie's Crew" and they are the best! Just about anything that we need done this crew handles even when they get put on the spot with not a whole lot of notice before the job. They handle everything that gets thrown there way and the company has great confidence in them getting the job done right for the client.

We have been getting so many compliments from our clients that this crew handles we couldn't help but buy them some dinner and recognize them! Something we wanted to recognize them with were these new shirts and they all loved them! It's a small gesture to show our appreciation but we were so happy to see that even though it was a small gesture this team truly appreciated it.

"Eddie's Crew" does consist of more people that we don't have in these photos because some of the crew will travel to other states to handle jobs and that is where some of them were. Between all of the crews under Eddie they cover parts of Utah, Montana, South Dakota, Minneapolis, Idaho, Wisconsin, and a few other places I'm sure I'm missing.

Crews like this are the only reason Simply Right can even stay in business because of the hard work they do to keep things running smoothly. At times it can be tough on them when something randomly gets thrown their way but they continue to work through it and keep moving forwarded in turn helping Simply Right move forward. We can't thank you enough for all that you do but we hope you know through these small gestures that we truly appreciate it!

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