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Why Janitorial Services Are Perfect For Retail

Actualizado: 2 nov 2021

Retail stores are all about the customer experience, so it should come as no surprise that the best of them hire a professional cleaning company like Simply Right. Our cleaning services will bring you a noticeably different clean, leading to happier shoppers and driving repeat business.

Some retail employers looking to pinch pennies may assume their employees can simply handle these kinds of cleaning tasks during the store’s after hours, but they’re usually wrong. Here are some reasons why our janitorial services can be so vital for a retail area.

Hygiene Standards

As a manager, you’d like to think your employees would take special, detailed care when cleaning areas like bathrooms. Unfortunately, the reality tends to be more like a single employee lazily cleaning a few visible areas, often leaving some of the worst hygiene hazards untouched.

Professional cleaners like ours, on the other hand, cover everything with detailed and time-tested processes. An incredible 95 percent of retail customers say that the restrooms in an establishment can make or break their willingness to return to the store again, and professional cleaners ensure they’ll be thrilled in this area.

Happy Customers

Beyond the actual hygiene, the simple look and feel of a clean building does more for customer happiness and retention than you might realize. Customers are always subconsciously judging basic cleanliness, and subtle differences between amateurs and professionals can mean a lot.

Risk Mitigation

From an employer standpoint, retail cleaning can also be dangerous. Things like wet spots, slippery floors and dangerous chemicals offer several opportunities for untrained workers to harm themselves or others. These workers often don’t have the know-how to complete the kinds of cleaning tasks your company needs. Professional companies allow you to avoid liability and other safety issues while also getting a much better clean for your customers.

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