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Can Professional Carpet Cleaning Remove Pet Odors?

Actualizado: 2 nov 2021

We all love our pets. But when animals make a mess—and you can never predict when it will happen—it’s frustrating. Those smells can persist, sometimes resisting all efforts to clean them.

Has a pet had an accident on your carpet? If so, how can you get rid of that smell before it has a negative emotional or health effect on you and your loved ones?

Can professional carpet cleaners remove dog urine, or can you use your own solutions? Save yourself a lot of hassle: Contact Simply Right for expert carpet cleaning solutions that can make those pet smells nothing more than a memory.

Why Pet Odors Stay in Carpet

Have you smelled pet urine on your carpet repeatedly? If you can’t get it to go away, that is very typical of pet stains. Animals tend to find the same spots on the carpet and do their business there again. That causes the liquid to sink into the carpet fibers and even the layers beneath. This can eventually dry, leaving crystals behind that cause smells.

Will Cleaning Your Carpet Get Rid of Dog Smell?

A carpet cleaning can prevent a stain from showing up, but odor-causing crystals from previous pet accidents persist under the carpet. And you keep smelling them.

Do carpet cleaners remove smells? You might buy powerful chemical cleaners. After applying them thoroughly and letting them dry, you can vacuum the area. But those chemicals were created to treat the surface fibers, not the deeper layers where the urine residue hides. In fact, chemicals may damage the pad underneath the carpet.

There are formulas on the internet for mixing your own cleaners. In the same way, these may remove stains and even odor from the surface carpet fibers, but they won’t have the ability to clean odors from the deeper layers. (They also won’t stop an animal from going back to the same location and deciding to mark his or her territory there again.)

Will Rug Doctor Remove the Smell of Urine?

One idea of how to clean up the smell of pet urine is to do it yourself with a Rug Doctor. It’s possible to rent one, or your building might have one available. But will it fully remove the smell when not paired with a professional luxury carpet cleaning team?

The Rug Doctor website recommends these steps to remove pet stains:

  • Clean the affected area immediately, because there is a chance that urine can enter the padding under the carpet.

  • Use a pro-enzymatic cleaning product that actively eliminates the organic material in the pet stain.

  • On stubborn pet stains, rent a Rug Doctor deep carpet cleaner and use their Pet Deep Carpet Cleaner product.

  • Inspect nearby furniture and walls for related urine markings.

These tips may work part of the time, but if you happen to miss a small area of urine, the smell can persist.

How Do You Get Pet Odors Out of Carpet Permanently?

Will professional carpet cleaning remove pet odors? Each of the methods mentioned above falls short of perfection. Pads under the carpet may have already been affected. Nearby furniture may have been marked.

Only a professional cleaning team is sure to eliminate the odors completely. Hiring them also puts the responsibility on them—they have to work at it from every angle until the job is complete.

Professionals have every possible modern tool that they can try. Plus, they have faced and solved the same problem in many homes, and have the experience to make you another satisfied customer.

Instead of trying multiple methods yourself—spending hours and buying endless products—you can pay a single fee to a professional to ensure that this problem is gone. And that will let you enjoy your home without those pesky odors.

Turn to Simply Right to Eliminate Pet Odors

Don’t let your family, friends, and visitors feel uncomfortable any longer. Don’t put allergy or asthma sufferers in danger. Instead, partner with Simply Right. We will efficiently find the cause of odors and eliminate them with high-quality cleaning products. Call for an appointment today.

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