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Always Giving 100%

Actualizado: 2 nov 2021

Idalia is this months winner of our coveted "Clean Freak" award and she is more than deserving to have won this month!

When I asked her supervisor why she should be considered for the "Clean Freak" award he said "Idalia is a great supervisor with an awesome attitude. She puts 100% into every job that I send her too and our clients are always happy when she's on their jobs." Supervisors like Idalia are exactly what companies look for and we are lucky enough to have her here at Simply Right!!

Idalia is highly praised by her supervisor Chris Heaps who had nothing but great things to say about one of the best supervisors on his team. "Idalia has received praise from multiple superintendents on her excellent communication skills, positive attitude, and drive to excel at every task she's given. Her quality of work is always consistent and she always quick to fulfill her role as a liaison between operations and the clients. She is so good, in fact, a tenant in a building we cleaned tried to get her to work for them. Idalia's leadership and work ethic are a huge asset to Simply Right."

Idalia, we truly appreciate your hard work and hope you enjoy the little gift!

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