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Industrial buildings and factories have a way of getting dirty in a matter of minutes. But the cleaner you can keep your workspace, the easier it will be for your company to continue producing high-quality products.


If you’re like most business owners, the thought of taking time away from production to focus on cleaning isn’t appealing. Every second of downtime is a potential loss of profits.


Simply Right has the tools and training needed to help with all of your facility’s cleaning needs. We’re proud to specialize in industrial cleaning services and will help you keep your facility in great shape at all times.


Regular Cleaning Reduces Downtime


Dust, dirt, and grime doesn’t just make your industrial facility look poorly maintained. It can also impact the amount of maintenance you need to do each day to keep your equipment up and running.

Even small amounts of dirt can end up jamming sensitive equipment. Worse, it can make floors slippery and increase the risk of your employees getting hurt on the job.


By investing in industrial cleaning services for your facility, you’ll reduce downtime each week. That means your profits will stay high, your employees will stay safer, and your operation will be able to grow and thrive.


Preserve Employee Morale Each Day

Your employees want to take pride in where they work. But when the building is dirty, it’s easy to feel like the work they do doesn’t matter.


Our industrial cleaning and service company can help you boost employee morale by helping them see their work as the beneficial service it is.

No Facility Is Too Big


Whether you operate a large production factory or run a warehouse to store goods and products before they reach their final destination, cleaning the facility makes everything run more smoothly. But when you operate a large industrial factory or warehouse, cleaning takes time out of your day.


At Simply Right, we believe you should be able to focus on running your business, not cleaning up at the end of the day. Our leading industrial cleaning and service company is here to help.


We’ll use only the best cleaning solutions to help you get your facility as clean as possible. No matter how large or small your operation is, we can help. When you reach out to our team, we’ll assess the needs of your facility based on the types of products you create and the way you run your company.


If you need the freedom to operate without the cleaning crew, we’ll work around your schedule so you can still enjoy a pristine facility.

Hire the Best Industrial Cleaning Services


If you’re ready to take control over the cleanliness of your industrial facility, request a quote from the best industrial cleaning services provider in Utah. Simply Right, located in Utah and Salt Lake Counties, is here to help you keep your business clean at all times.

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