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Green Cleaning Services in Utah

Keeping your business clean is always a priority. It makes your building look better and more inviting throughout the year. But have you ever noticed the way your business smells after your janitorial team finishes wiping down surfaces?


That strange, chemical-like smell isn’t just off-putting to customers; it’s also hazardous to your health. Instead of ignoring those strange odors, keep your Utah building clean with green cleaning services from Simply Right.

What Is Green Cleaning?

Green cleaning is the process of cleaning your property and building with solutions that are safe for the environment and your health. The cleaners we use in our green commercial cleaning services are effective, and they work without the use of caustic and environmentally-damaging chemicals.


At Simply Right, our experienced cleaning team will do everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint and minimize the impact our cleaning efforts have on the environment. Both your employees and your customers will thank you.


Why Green Cleaning Matters

Green commercial cleaning ditches those harsh chemical-based cleaners and swaps them out for environmentally-friendly cleaning agents. These cleaners are just as effective as conventional ones, but won’t leave your building smelling strange. And the fresher your building smells, the more time clients and customers will want to spend at your business.


Those same chemicals that make traditional cleaning agents effective are incredibly harmful to the environment. Each cleaner leaves behind a residue that can end up in the water supply, threatening the local ecosystem. Worse, trace amounts of those chemicals can go airborne.


When they do, those with upper respiratory conditions like asthma or severe allergies may experience an increase in their symptoms.


Full Disclosure Every Time

When you work with standard cleaning services, they’ll rarely let you know what cleaning agents and products they use to keep your building clean. At Simply Right, we believe that you deserve to know what’s getting used in your space. We’ll happily discuss our green commercial cleaning methods upfront.


You’ll know exactly what cleaners we’re using, what’s in them, and how we’ll reduce the environmental impact with our green cleaning services. If you have concerns about a specific product or want to create a cleaning plan that minimizes the use of commercial disinfectants, we’re here to help.


Make Environmental Awareness a Part of Your Business

The best way to reduce your company’s impact on the environment is to reduce the use of chemical-based cleaners in your janitorial efforts. If you’re ready to start keeping your business clean without relying on caustic chemicals, don’t wait.


Request a quote today for green cleaning services from the experts at Simply Right in Utah and Salt Lake Counties. We’ll put together a custom cleaning plan to help you keep your building clean, pristine, and sanitary at all times.

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