Hard Surface Cleaning

The overall appearance and cleanliness of your flooring can affect the safety of your workers and your customers’ perception of your business. If you are looking for a floor cleaning company in Utah to keep your floors looking great all year, turn to the commercial floor cleaning services of Simply Right. We perform proper floor cleaning and waxing so your floors better resist the impact of everyday wear and tear as well as maintain their shine.


Taking Floor Cleaning Seriously

When we perform floor cleaning, we utilize top-quality commercial floor waxes and supplies, floor care methods, and cleaning techniques that surpass the high standards of floor cleanliness and appearance. Additionally, we clean various types of floors, including:










The Importance of Regular

Commercial Floor Care

Regular floor care is essential for businesses. Regardless of the floor type, it is vital to ensure frequent, premium floor maintenance. Here are a few reasons to do so:

·Provides Peace of Mind – Having a professional clean and maintain your floors will give you peace of mind knowing that a trusted team is getting the work done correctly. With proper floor care, you will have a beautiful, clean, and sleek floor that only a professional can handle.

·Helps Minimize Floor Accidents – Slip and fall accidents are one of the biggest causes of workplace injuries. Layers of dust accumulate on the floor, reducing friction and causing most slip and fall accidents. Commercial floor care decreases these accidents. Apart from keeping floors shiny and free of dust, it also gives floors a slip-resistant seal, which increases friction and helps lower the risk of accidents.

·Creates a Good First Impression – Commercial floor cleaning makes all the difference, especially when you’re planning to form a positive first impression for your clients. When your floor is clean and shiny, it makes the rest of the room look brighter and more professional. Your clients will surely remember it.


Free yourself of the chore of floor cleaning and maintenance. Get in touch with us today and we’ll keep your floor surfaces looking their best.