Day Porter Services

Every commercial property requires daily cleaning and maintenance. Without it, the establishment would become a dumping place for trash, dirt, and other contaminants. Fortunately, Simply Right provides day porter services to keep your commercial property clean and in optimal shape. We have a customizable day porter program that maintains the appearance of your premises according to your requirements.


What Our Day Porters Do

Some of the services our day porters perform in your commercial property include:

•Maintaining and servicing lobbies, cafeterias, patios, restrooms, and other common areas
•Taking down unauthorized fliers and other materials
•Scraping gum on concrete and sidewalks
•Picking up litter in common exterior areas of the establishment
•Replenishing paper supplies based on need and usage


Highly Trained and Respectful Day Porters

Rest assured that our day porters are reliable and well trained. Before we send them out to work, they first go through in-depth training so they could serve as good “ambassadors.”When they work in your commercial establishment, they will go beyond cleaning the building. We train them to meet and interact with guests and tenants. This means they will take the time to perform things like open doors for clients and greet individuals on a friendly and personal manner.


Why Hire Day Porters for Your Property

These reasons should convince you to hire a day porter for your commercial premises:

Gives you focus –Having day porters manage everyday maintenance and repair lets you concentrate on other important business tasks. 
Minimizes Maintenance Costs–Day porters who regularly clean and maintain your establishment will save you from massive repair and cleanup in the end.
Promote a Healthy and Safe Environment – Commercial properties that are free of debris minimizes the risk of injury, improves employee performance, and cultivates a feeling of pride among your staff.


Hire our day porters to keep your property clean and well maintained. Get in touch with us today for further details.