Simply Right’s deep carpet cleaning system uses self-neutralizing chemicals that flush the dirt and pollutants from the fibers, leaving your carpets clean and fresh again.

Simply Right cleans carpets with - hot - water extraction  (steam cleaning) because industry experts consider it as the best method of removing embedded soil and other contaminates. Shaw Industries  (the World’s leading carpet manufacturer) recommends hot water extraction as a compulsory condition of their wear warranties. Clean carpet is carpet that has been sanitized at temperatures above 180 degrees Fahrenheit, that is left Chemical Free; Pet or Human Stain Free, Hair Free, Dandruff Free, Dust Mite Free and Odor Free.


Did you know that for every 18 °F increase in temperature above 118 ° F you double the water’s cleaning ability?  So if the water temperature is 136° F, it will clean twice as well as water that is 118 °F. 154 °F water will clean four times as well as 118 °F water and so on. Each of our truck-mounted machines easily exceeds 200 °F.


Allow Simply Right to help you prolong the life of your carpet and save your money with our professional carpet cleaning services.


Our carpet cleaning services include:

Carpet Pre-Spotting: Emulsifying and removing stains from your carpet.

Carpet Guard & Soil Retardant: Protecting your carpet by making it less susceptible to soil penetration.

Anti-Static Treatment: Preventing your carpets from generating static shocks which can be dangerous to computers and other sensitive electronic equipment.

Fast Dying Times: Restoring the color of your carpet.