Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Most commercial settings use carpets as their preferred floor covering. If your business uses carpets, it’s vital to protect this investment by keeping it clean. When you need reliable carpet cleaning in Salt Lake City, Simply Right does the job efficiently. Our professional carpet cleaning services leave your carpet looking clean and extend its life.


How We Clean Carpets

When we clean your carpets or mats, we use self-neutralizing chemicals to deeply flush out the pollutants and dirt from the fibers. Moreover, we perform hot water extraction (also known as steam cleaning) to efficiently get rid of embedded soil and other contaminants.


Our Scope of Carpet Cleaning Services

We perform four methods of carpet cleaning:

·Carpet Dyeing – We restore the color of your carpet.

·Anti-Static Treatment – We stop your carpet from producing static shocks, which could damage sensitive electronic equipment.

·Carpet Guard and Soil Retardant – We make your carpet less susceptible to soil penetration.

·Carpet Pre-Spotting – We emulsify and eliminate stains from your carpet.


Benefits of a Regular Carpet Cleaning

Your workers will surely appreciate seeing and walking on a clean carpet. Apart from the carpet looking new, regular carpet cleaning offers these benefits:

·Eliminates Trapped Pollutants –Regular cleaning removes pollutants that become stuck in the carpet fibers. 

·Gets Rid of Dust Mites – Dust mites like to take shelter in carpets. These microscopic creatures leave behind fecal matter and body fragments, which can cause severe allergies upon inhalation. Having your carpet steamed regularly kills these dust mites.

·Hinders the Growth of Molds – Mold that develop and grow on the carpet will be a big problem, especially if your business establishment is in a highly humid area. Cleaning your carpet regularly will stop mold growth.


Keep your employees and clients healthy and happy with a clean carpet. Give us a call to learn more about our carpet cleaning services.